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Bowhead [2023, Tristan Visser, 4:56]


Our culture is primarily focussed on our visual sensory. We know much of the history because of stories we could transfer visually. Like written letters, paintings and cave drawings. We are only able since a relative short time to record and archive sound in a good and usable manner. Soundscape ecology is a new field of research were we investigate the relationship between the geophony, biophony and anthrophony. Sound can be used to measure and visualize the health of a given ecosystem. We want to create a bridge between art and science through the use of sound art and film. We want to stimulate peoples senses by changing the perspective they hear and see. The Northpole is an endless inspiring landscape. Seemingly no man’s land. Raw nature. This area is right now of great interest because of a changing climate. There is a increase of sound we humans add the underwater soundscape. What is the effect of these sounds on life aquatic? more info