Crossfading Places (Time is time)

Crossfading Places (Time is time)
Duration:11:03   Year:2019
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Crossfading Places (Time is time) [2019, video by Wijnand Bredewold, audio by Jesús Lastra, 11:03]

In the environment I grew up in, buildings have disappeared over time, they have lost their functions and have been replaced by new buildings with sometimes new functions. For me personally, even the entire neighborhood in which I grew up, Holtenbroek 1 in Zwolle, has completely disappeared. From the important places of my childhood, such as the house where I was born, the schools I attended, the swimming pool, etc., I have found old photos. I photographed the places again. In this video, the original buildings are slowly replaced (crossfaded) by these new buildings. The applied music is a dronescape, which gives the time change an extra dimension.

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