Duration:17:36   Year:2018
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Seinsters [2018, Sjoerd Leijten / Stijn Verhoeff, 17:36]

Oerol Theatre Festival, Terschelling, 2018

At the highest point of West-Terschelling, in and around the abandoned ‘Seinhuisje’, Olle Kruijt, Sjoerd Leijten and Stijn Verhoeff developed the site-specific audio installation Seinsters. Featuring in an ‘expedition’, with 14 other artworks at Oerol, they created a multi-layered and immersive gesamtkunstwerk. Told by two ‘Seinsters’, Ghosts of the Ether, and coming from all cracks and corners of the abandoned house, Seinsters takes the audience on an imaginary audio journey around the island of Terschelling. North of the island the listeners encounter a gas drilling platform, where a sudden explosion smashes the platform in pieces and sends its workers into the sea. Southwards, bird island Griend pops up (where the artists spend three days, see this video), while in the meantime live radio signals intervene with the stories told and oil drums come to live through resonating speakers.The experience is influenced by the weather and its surroundings; wind makes the fences squeak, rain forces visitors to come closer the house, sunshine casts a lightening spell on the at times gloomy at times serene audio work.