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Parking 2a [2024, Guionnet + La Casa + Samartzis, 16:51]
Parking features two works recorded 14 years apart registering the behaviour and characteristics of environmental and instrumental sound resounding within multiple parking garages. The architectural form and function underpinning the parking garage demands a highly adaptive response to negotiate indeterminate conditions and hidden tensions generated by compressed space, reflective materiality, multipurpose infrastructure, and active thoroughfares. Rather than consider these as undesirable, situational practice offers an opportunity to be in the world, to observe and contest dominant narratives, and through improvised responses incorporate aleatory forces and spatial effects. (philip Samartzis) more info

Yellow patches [2024, Galen Tipton, Giant Claw, Holly Waxwing, 3:44]
more info

030224 2 [2024, Jeremi Biziuk (kitarumo), 7:52]
“030224 2” is a track from Jeremi Biziuk (kitarumo) ‘s album “Berg” (2024). The whole album the track is part of came out as a result of a single night’s act. The evening recently after having performed a live set, Jeremi has taken the audio recording from the performance itself and played it back into his previously used analogue set-up. This specific track as well as Jeremi’s audio works have been centered around utilising various field recordings within his analogue tools. Firstly sampling and looping the previously captured sound archives on the spot, Jeremi puts them through a set of modulators and sampling mixers, changing their parameters, speed, pitch, sample lengths and looping points. These initially recognisable sounds evolve into rhythmic flares of noise, which are then put in contrast and alongside sequenced noise generating synthesizers. Playing with finding patterns and melodies in nature’s commotion, the artificial sounds are in turn gradually moulded into chaotic growls, both of each influence and fill in the gaps between one another during the hours long audio takes. more info

Shell-tethered vesper (2024, Eirik Brandal, 8:44]
shell-tethered vesper is a wall-hanging generative sound and light sculpture built on the digital signal processing capabilities of the Daisy Seed in tandem with analog oscillators, voltage controlled amplifiers and filters. At its center, RGB light pipes visualize changes in various parameters within the code, while white LEDs on the second level are triggered by sequencers on which the algorithmic composition is based on. Beneath sits a 3D printed speaker enclosure which houses two ND65 speakers with matching passive radiators, powered by a TPA3110D2 class D 15W/chn stereo amplifier. more info

Catastrophic Structures: listening to the hum of distant machinery [2024, Numina Gneisspecker, 6:57]
Catastrophic Structures: listening to the hum of distant machinery is the first presentation of Numina Gneisspecker’s long-term audiovisual research into catastrophic structures and their immanent slow violence. For V2_, Numina Gneisspecker developed a new multi-channel audiovisual installation to draw ”attention to catastrophic acts that are low in instant spectacle but high in long-term effects” (Nixon). Zooming in on the harbours of Antwerp and Rotterdam, the two largest gateways into Europe’s economies, they find concrete beaches stacked with containers, ships filled with fossil fuels and many other elements fuelling our societies and consequential destruction. Petrochemical installations, (nuclear) power plants, distribution centres pass by while the main narrator of this installation, a trucker, tries to find some apocalyptic hope in this highly automated, yet inhospitable landscape. His warm and personal voice counterbalances his distant and inert surroundings. Can we ”rediscover the earth amongst its decomposition” (Kohso), he wonders. more info

The Ritual [2024, RAMIREZ (DENIS VIOLET), 18:37]
Ramirez is a Limousin duo composed of Denis Violet (Synthesizers, vocals, guitar, bass) and Toto Deloménie (guitars). His early folk/rock songs gradually gave way to more atmospheric and electronic music. more info

Marseille, Sq. Léon Blum, autumn 2022 [2024, Mike Bullock, 7:20]
Binaural recording of a street market in Square Léon Blum, La Canebière, Marseille, France, in October 2022. more info

Book of erosion [2024, Jimmy Peggie, Album]
Everything changes, nothing stays the same. the slow and inevitable erosion of all earthly things in a universe of decay and entropy. what lies behind – no one knows. yet, out of destruction comes something new. beauty emerges. chaos and randomness create new objects and new patterns to behold. about minimal sound composition evolved from natural and urban environments | atmospheres and radio transmissions. more info
3. detritus 05:42
6 fragmentation 05:29

Melting Gap [2024, Thomas Fleischhauer, 13:33] Glockenwind [2024, Thomas Fleischhauer, 8:55]
Tracks from Aporee Illustrations. The “Aporee Illustrations” compositions are a mixture of processed field recordings of the Aporee Maps (founder Udo Noll), enriched with various instruments and sound ingredients. Arranged and mixed by Thomas Fleischhauer. more info

Hogaraka [2024, Gallery Six, 4:31] Ajiwai [2024, Gallery Six, 5:36]
Gallery Six: I have only one request. For once, for about 40 minutes listening to this album, please do nothing and think about nothing and just be in a daze. We are too busy. We need time to intentionally give our heads and hearts a rest. Once you get into that habit, you will inevitably feel yourself becoming energized again. more info

Weather sonus [2024, Wijnand Bredewold, 5:00]
Sonification of weatherdata from the Northpole, the southpole, and other weatherstations. The data is collected using an API, and sonificated with a MAX 8 patch.

Catastrophic Structures: listening to the hum of distant machinery [2024, Numina Gneisspecker, 6:57]
This is the first presentation of Numina Gneisspecker’s long-term audiovisual research into catastrophic structures and their immanent slow violence. For V2_, Numina Gneisspecker developed a new multi-channel audiovisual installation to draw ”attention to catastrophic acts that are low in instant spectacle but high in long-term effects” (Nixon). Zooming in on the harbours of Antwerp and Rotterdam, the two largest gateways into Europe’s economies, they find concrete beaches stacked with containers, ships filled with fossil fuels and many other elements fuelling our societies and consequential destruction. Petrochemical installations, (nuclear) power plants, distribution centres pass by while the main narrator of this installation, a trucker, tries to find some apocalyptic hope in this highly automated, yet inhospitable landscape. His warm and personal voice counterbalances his distant and inert surroundings. Can we ”rediscover the earth amongst its decomposition” (Kohso), he wonders.

Blackbox Life Recorder 22 [Parallax Mix] [2023, Aphex Twin, 3:32]

Stroboscopic Artefacts 1 – Live – 050823 [30min excerpt] [2023, Edhymad, 30 min]

Sequencing Places [2023, Wijnand Bredewold, 1:57:51]
‘Sequencing Places’ takes you to locations around the world. What you see (for video click on more info below) and hear is a visualisation of recordings made by Wijnand and others (mainly from The recordings last 60 seconds each and are recorded randomly one after the other a sequence is displayed. Initially there doesn’t seem to be anything special about the way it sounds a certain place/place sounds. But the longer you stand there and listen, the better more you are aware of the soundscape, or the experience of it. The sound recording names in this project provide a subjective memory of a certain one event in a certain place. The visualisation of Sequencing Places, does think of the radar image of a submarine, it is as if the sounds are realtime somewhere in the world. more info

Cello suites [2023, Felix Blume, 5:00]
Arizona is sprinkled with old windpumps, relics of the American dream. Cello Suites intends to give them a second life, a new reason to spin, creating a sonic cartography of the desert. The project invites us to an active and political listening of this space, a listening to our contemporary world. The windmills perform the cellos during a unique improvised “suite”, depending on their mood, their conditions, the speed and the direction of the wind. The central tube, previously used to operate the water pump, moves the arch playing the strings of the cello attached to its structure. more info

V [2023, Saapato, 11:16]
XII [2023, Saapato, 10:39]

At the river [2023, re460 & Vinyan, 9:46]
A one take studio version before the gig at Am Bach festival in july. Recorded in the living room of re460, this almost 10 minute long intro was one of the first preparation jams for the performance. They decided to chop the beginning and use it for the opening track for this years compilation. Its a piece were there is no sequencer running and its filled with atmosphere, drones, metallic like fx and some nature sounds. Its a interaction between two individuals with no talking involved only using their instruments to fill the empty space that created an exchange of sounds that reminds us a bit of some early electronics in the 60s. Hang in there!

No War [2023, Wijnand Bredewold, 8:04]
No War is an audiovisual impression of the tension between complete freedom and situations without freedom disturbed by war. The recording was made from a bunker placed by the Germans during WWII. At this location in the Netherlands, in Europe, there is now complete freedom, war seems far away, we never want war again, but look what is happening in Ukraine now.The sound has 2 tracks, 1 track was originally recorded on location but stretched 10x in order to emphasize the freedom that should be long lasting. Netherlands, Terschelling, 53°25’24.5″N 5°23’37.0″E

If You Build Them [2023, Mark Hjorthoy, 5:08]
Machines That Search For God [2023, Mark Hjorthoy, 14:48]
Over 1,000 years from now, a series of tapestries, books and paintings were uncovered when an earthquake shook an area called “Echo 347”, (once known as “Rome”). The items recovered tell a story of the creator of life, thousands of years ago, and how he once turned his back on humanity. Scientists believe that there may be some validity to these legends, and decided to create machines that would search for God, to discuss the ongoing disasters he has been creating for the past fifty years. Maybe we can come to an agreement? Maybe the planet CAN be saved. Countdown to launch commences in ten seconds. Machines in place and ready for launch. Lets hope they find him. They’re our only hope. more info

Cold Enough To Freeze Everything [2023, Mark Hjorthoy, 5:45]
Mark: This album is designed to make you feel. Whatever it is you feel, is probably different than most, and that’s a wonderful thing. more info

Tiefwerder Wiesen Wanderungen (Live at Swamps and Stars – On Planetary Listening 2023) [2023, Felicity Mangan, 20:16]
Tiefwerder Wiesen Wanderungen was presented as a live performance at Swamps and Stars – On Planetary Listening, on May 13th, 2023 at Bruno H. Bürgel Observatory, Berlin.This live performance, composed for Swamps and Stars – On Planetary Listening, is inspired by the wildlife, terrain and daily activity of Tiefwerder Wiesen – a swampy grassland on the other edge of Berlin, Germany.

Alluding to science fiction-like soundtracks, the sound piece features modified samples taken from field recordings recorded at Tiefwerder Wiesen in April 2023. Capturing the natural reverberation of the wildlife inhabitants and human visitors heard from different perspectives along the walking tracks, are transformed into synth-sounding drones and an assemblage of field recordings: the combination of a real and imaginary sounds of Tiefwerder Wiesen.
released July 16, 2023
Recorded by Niko de Paula Lefort

Swamps & Stars is developed and organized by Kat Austen, Miguel Buenrostro, Kate Donovan, Florence Freitag, Brandon LaBelle & Michelle-Marie Letelier as part of Planetary Listening, a collective of artists and researchers based in Berlin. The series is supported by the
Berlin Senate’s Spartenoffene Förderung.

Aeolian Harps / Vanier Park, Vancouver, BC [2023, Thomas Evdokimoff, 5:00]
Two Aeolian Harps recorded at Vanier Park, Vancouver BC. I built both harps in collaboration with sculpture artist Pippa Lattey. For us, sound objects such as our Aeolian harps can become voices for the naturally occurring forces and elements of a location. In the recording, you hear a wooden box harp and a metal harp built out of ducting, its first day out. Wind was 20 knots NW, skies were clear. The swelling corresponds to changes in wind speed and direction. more info

A rational world [2022, Verena Barié, Gerri Jäger, Sjoerd Leijten, Malu Peeters, Stijn Verhoeff, 5:42]
Waddensea [2022, Verena Barié, Gerri Jäger, Sjoerd Leijten, Malu Peeters, Stijn Verhoeff, 3:49]
A RATIONAL WORLD weaves field recordings, improvised music and climate activist statements into a fierce, joyful and poetic call to arms in times of ecological collapse. The music was created during the making of the experimental short film ANSAGE ENDE ( and was recorded inside an old barn on the farm of Gjalt Tjeerdsma in Beetsterzwaag, Friesland (NL). Both the film and this release dwell on the question how to live and fight in an ever more rapidly warming world.
“The seas are rising and so are we!” more info

Fast Slow Radio [2022, Zach Poff, 60:00, excerpt 10:00]
Hour 1 (12 UTC) Winter Near a Beaver Pond, Stanfordville, NY
The first time-lapse recording is from the edge of a pond, about 2 hours north of New York City, in a secluded residential area with very little car traffic. It was recorded on a windy day in late winter 2022. The recording starts at 9AM. The pond is covered in ice. As night falls we can hear a beaver foraging in the forest. In the 2nd hour we’ll hear the same location in Springtime. more info

Desolation_ Space [2022, Stephanie J Condon, 6:00]
Created courtesy of The NASA internet audio archives, licensed under creative commons. The artist is grateful to this agency for their work and for digitizing and sharing their audio archives on the internet. The artist is grateful to the Internet Archive for sharing some of these materials. Links to this agency: The Internet Archive, NASA audio archives:

Microwave canned spaghetti and meatballs[2022, snakenbergcoy [], 0:30]
Recorded at Iowa City, Johnson County, Iowa, United States.

River [2022, Peter Veen, 2:37]
A river is a contradiction in terms. It is natural and artificial at the same time. Meltwater and industrial pollution. Rustling trees and motorway traffic. Ducks and ships. This soundscape brings both worlds together. A composition of nature sounds and ship horns. Original sounds:

The brook below Lambaklettur [2022, Magnus Bergsson, 29:57 -> excerpt 4:00]
Iceland, the name „Lambaklettur“ (Lamb rock) is a rocky hill above the recording site. Quality open headphones are recommended while listening at medium or low volume.
more info

Wait, audible crosswalk signal 5th Ave, New York, USA [2022, Carlo Patrao, 2:07]
more info

Past objects – empty memories [2022, Wijnand Bredewold, 10:00]
This work is a sonic virtual ‘recording’ of old times, recorded in May 2022 in an old farmhouse in the northeast of the Netherlands. Only the silence seems to contain something from the past.
Perhaps the farm has a memory and reflects the events of activities in ancient times if you listen to it long enough…..
The sound of this farm is generated by a sound doubling method: first a 5-minute recording is made, then replayed and re-recorded. This process has been repeated up to 4 times. As more layers are created, a kind of drone is slowly built up with a wide spectrum of tones. This drone seems to be built from the memories of the past. During the recording, no sound was projected to begin with: the farm seems to be waiting for what might come out of the silence.

Noise2Noise – Well being cities – Floating Transmissions (2022, Wijnand Bredewold, 10:40]
Once there was nothing, maybe just white noise, a random signal of equal intensity at different frequencies. Due to the origin of the earth, nature, animals and people, variations in this white noise arose, there was no overcrowding or disturbance, it was in harmony with each other. Due to the increase in the world population and the urban development of the major world cities in particular, the harmony of these cities can be disrupted. These cities are crossed by flows of people, traffic and goods. Parts of these cities are constantly being expanded, demolished and rebuilt, in a way that aspects for a healthy city are not always taken for granted. You can see the city as an autonomous machine or an organism that generates a soundscape on its own, often resulting in disharmony.
Many cities are currently undergoing a transition, the city is being made more liveable, there is more room for pedestrians, cyclists and nature. The soundscape of the city regenerates into better harmony.
Noise2Noise uses a soundscape of a protest in Bogota by Colombians (2019) against economic inequality, corruption, violence, pollution and climate change. Good to mention in this, is that Bogota is also doing a lot to create more nature in the city lately.
The audio file consists of 11 parts, it starts with part of the original recording, raw and unedited, this part is replayed and re-recorded, this process is repeated 10 times. In addition, each part is lowered by 2 semitones compared to the previous part. The 11 parts are faded crosswise and mixed into 1 file. In this way, the sound is slowly but surely transformed into white noise, which is an imaginary starting point for a renewed city that again generates a harmonious soundscape.

Border [2022, Wijnand Bredewold, 3:11]
Excerpt from the project Border.
As a child I was already fascinated by maps. I fantasized that I would travel through distant lands and cross borders, where landscapes change and other people live, how exciting that would be …
Later, when I crossed those borders by car or bike, I was always excited. The border crossing was something which took you to other countries. Nowadays borders in European Union have disappeared, you can travel freely.
There is hardly any border control but the visible landmarks have remained there. When walking along the borders, you can still notice them clearly. Not only by boundary markers, such as landmarks, but the border crossing and separations between the two countries are noticeable. What is still visible in the border areas?
I travelled with my camera and have been searching for particular landscapes, objects and scenes. Borders are not only the physical borders in this project, but also zones etc. where you cannot go and where the world ends, or the times I reached my own limits …. more info

Fence [2022, Wijnand Bredewold, 3:00]
Recording made with contact mics on a fence and processed with effects (Ableton-live).

Dwingelderveld 19-05-2021 06:00-07:00h [2021, Wijnand Bredewold 60:00]
Silence, a 24h Soundscape. National Park Dwingelderveld 52°49’07.1″N 6°24’08.3″E
The quietest area
The Dwingelderveld is known as “The quietest area” in the Netherlands. The vast silent heather of the Dwingelderveld is one of the last areas with undisturbed horizon, where darkness at night is still real darkness and where are no sounds of nature drowned out by highways, railwaysor other sound sources.
The recordings were recorded on May 18and 19 2021. For example, you can hear how it sounds at 4:00 pm or 4:00 am. How quiet it is at times what do you hear? Birds, wind what rustles through the trees, traffic, planes? Listen and find out for yourself! more info

storm_log – radiostorm highwire [2021, Carsten Stabenow, 2:11] Radiostorm, statics 145.2581MHz, Nooelec SDR + upconverter at highwire (looped 5 times)
This is part of a series of recordings, shifting to another frequency spectrum. Found structures, mainly old cattle fences and unused telephone lines are used as long wire antennas wit a HF balun and a NESDR SMArt SDR + Ham It Up Nano HF/MF/NF upconverter. more info

Dundee Law [2021, Éric La Casa, 4:53]

The Meadow [2021, Mia Heidler & Bob Döring, 5:27]
Excerpt from an original 24/7 live broadcast.
Various sensors collect environmental data such as soil moisture, air pressure etc. and evaluate their relationships to each other. This collected data and relationships were then translated into sound and the different elements of music. The result is a live composed soundscape based on a living and changing biotope, broadcast around the clock via online radio. The meadow is an attempt to translate complex earthly relationships and make them tangible, inspired by Anna Tsing’s metaphor of experiencing the interconnectedness of the world as a polyphonic synphony. more info

Nationaal Park Drents- Friese Wold | Snoekveen – Frogs [2021, Wijnand Bredewold, 5:02]
Fieldrecording from The Nationaal Park Drents- Friese Wold | Snoekveen in the Netherlands. 52°52’54.2″N 6°21’23.3″E

General Electric [2021, Philip Samartzis, 5:01]
more info

The Forest {Marieke van de Ven, 5:00]
The forest is a place to wander. Being absorbed in something bigger and older than yourself, you can follow a path and feel lost at the same time. The only way to go is to surrender to the senses. The sunlight through the leaves, the singing birds in the trees, the smell of wet moss, the taste of blueberries and the touch of the sweeping branches. You are here. In a constantly changing environment that breathes a calm rhythmic cycle of growth and decay. In this composition I try to catch the elusive feel of the forest. I let the forest overgrow my presence to find the equivalent of the contradicting forces of arousal and calmness. I found a place to listen to the whispers of the trees and let their branches carve their names in my skin. Commissioned by Festival Blaues Rauschen for the project Forest and Sound 2021.
more info

Area One [2021, Denise Ritter, 5:30]
The effects of the Cold War are still present today in the Palatinate Forest, the largest contiguous forest area in Germany. The special arms depot “Area One” was one of the largest ammunition depots of the US military in Europe between 1957 and 1991, including nuclear missiles and chemical warfare agents. I was born and raised in the immediate vicinity. Particularly memorable: the 80s, when I was Young people clearly perceived the arms race and the threatening atmosphere of the Cold War over the Palatinate. Many music titles, especially from New Wave, Electro and Industrial, took up this topic. Looking back on this time, my piece “Area One” was created. GEODATA: 49°03’53.5″N 7°39’50.2″E  |  Area One, Fischbach bei Dahn, Germany more info

Hydro [2021, Wijnand Bredewold, 11:11]
A soundscape from of the hydrological laboratory.
Water is very important for living organisms, but it can also pose a threat, such as the rise in sea level due to global warming.
For centuries now, there has been a special relationship between the Dutch and the water. The polders that have been reclaimed from the sea are world famous, but the storm surge barriers are at least as extraordinary. The Delta Works and Afsluitdijk, for instance, which the Dutch built to protect them from the water. They built Holland as we know it today with great knowledge and perseverance. As a result, Holland is internationally renowned as the world’s laboratory in terms of water management.

Listening Through the Dead Zones -excerpt – helsinki [2020, Jana Winderen, 11:56]
Excerpt of the IHME Helsinki 2020 Commission “Listening Through the Dead Zones”, a fourteen channel sound installation made in collaboration with Tony Myatt. It took place in August 2021 at the rowing stadium in Töölö, Helsinki overlooking the Baltic Sea.
The work has since been shown as part of the exhibition Hydra in St. Petersburg, and the exhibition Geomancers at the Green Roof overlooking the sea at Marina Barrage in Singapore. The composition is made from recordings made by Jana over the last 16 years in underwater sound environments, from the North Pole to the tropic waters of Thailand. [Dead Zones are hypoxic or low in oxygen areas in the world’s oceans and lakes. In the Baltic Sea, where this installation was made, the limit for what you call a dead zone is when the water contains less than 2mg oxygen per litre of water.] more info

The Movement [2020, Many Bytes, 5:22]

Time flys [2020, Felicity Mangan, 2:58]

on, set-true [2020, Autechre, 6:51]

Chase Excerpt From Festival Antigel [2020, Suzanne Ciani, 0:30]
Live Buchla 200e with Animoog performance. Was Included with the vinyl & magazine bundle of Issue 66 of Electronic Sound Magazine.

Semipermeabel [2020, Denise Ritter, 17:35]
Semipermeable (semi-permeable) refers to substantial or physical interfaces that are only permeable to certain substances or only in one direction. The sound installation addresses the ghostliness and abandonment of urban space during the first lockdown in 2020.

Here GOES Radiotelescope [2020, Heidi Neilson & Harry Dove-Robinson, 4:03]
Here GOES Radiotelescope is an artist-run DIY ground station receiving GOES-16’s faint, data-dense GRB transmission, and is one of only about 15 independent stations to do so. more info

Niagara Electricity [2020/2014, Elizabeth Chitty, 7:09]
This field recording of the generation of electricity has two parts both recorded in real time, unprocessed, with a Zoom H2n. The first part was recorded in 2014 while walking end to end inside Decew Falls Generating Station I in St. Catharines Ontario, the oldest continually-running electricity station in Canada built in 1898. The second part was recorded in 2020 at the tail-race of Sir Adam Beck Generating Station No. 2 in Niagara Falls, Ontario where the water of the Niagara River exits the station after generating hydro electricity downstream of Niagara Falls. The intake is above the falls and is controlled bi-nationally to minimize interference with the tourism industry. more info

Rhythmic drops of smelting snow in the street trough a manhole (Turku, Finland) [2019, Felix Blume, 7:37 -> excerpt 3:00]
Some snow is smelting in the street close to the port of Turku, drops of water are falling inside the manhole. Very close recording with the mic as close as possible.
Recorded with an ORTF setup Schoeps CCM4 x 2 on a Cinela Suspension
Recorder MixPre6 by Sound Devices
Original Recording in Wave 96kHz 24bit
Recorded on 7th of April 2019 in Turku, Finland.
During a residency at Titanik Gallery.
GPS: 60.435320,22.237472

Grainyl 1 [2019, Tony James Morton, 6:35]
Grainyl is a new body of improvised electronic music by sound artist Tony James Morton. Each piece is entirely constructed, in real-time, with samples taken directly from vinyl records. Inspired by techniques that were instrumental in the development of hip-hop music, the work combines prerecorded samples from existing compositions to create an altogether new piece of music. However, Grainyl pushes the boundaries of sampled based music into new territory, exploring modern digital techniques and methods. The work is centred around a custom built sampling instrument entirely created with Max/MSP. This instrument uses granular synthesis to create new textures from the recorded source, allowing for new sonic exploration. more info

Crossfading Places (Time is time) [2019, video by Wijnand Bredewold, audio by Jesús Lastra, 11:03]
In the environment I grew up in, buildings have disappeared over time, they have lost their functions and have been replaced by new buildings with sometimes new functions. For me personally, even the entire neighborhood in which I grew up, Holtenbroek 1 in Zwolle, has completely disappeared. From the important places of my childhood, such as the house where I was born, the schools I attended, the swimming pool, etc., I have found old photos. I photographed the places again. In this video, the original buildings are slowly replaced (crossfaded) by these new buildings. The applied music is a dronescape, which gives the time change an extra dimension.
more info

Rumors from the sea [2018, Felix Blume, 3:00]
Is a site specific sound installation composed of hundreds of bamboos, usually used in Thailand as seawalls to slow coastal erosion, with a flute at their top. A bamboo-flutes orchestra played by the waves, performing unique concerts 24 hours a day, depending of the tide, the direction, tempo and force of the waves. As a potential listener, you are invited to define the beginning and the end of the music piece played for you. more info

Soyu22 [2018, Wijnand Bredewold, 4:15]
Voice recording from the Russian spacecraft Soyu22, 1976. Recording is edited and 20 times streched. more info

Seinsters [2018, Sjoerd Leijten / Stijn Verhoeff, 17:36]
Oerol Theatre Festival, Terschelling, 2018
At the highest point of West-Terschelling, in and around the abandoned ‘Seinhuisje’, Olle Kruijt, Sjoerd Leijten and Stijn Verhoeff developed the site-specific audio installation Seinsters. Featuring in an ‘expedition’, with 14 other artworks at Oerol, they created a multi-layered and immersive gesamtkunstwerk. Told by two ‘Seinsters’, Ghosts of the Ether, and coming from all cracks and corners of the abandoned house, Seinsters takes the audience on an imaginary audio journey around the island of Terschelling. North of the island the listeners encounter a gas drilling platform, where a sudden explosion smashes the platform in pieces and sends its workers into the sea. Southwards, bird island Griend pops up (where the artists spend three days, see this video), while in the meantime live radio signals intervene with the stories told and oil drums come to live through resonating speakers.The experience is influenced by the weather and its surroundings; wind makes the fences squeak, rain forces visitors to come closer the house, sunshine casts a lightening spell on the at times gloomy at times serene audio work.

Longplayer at the Holland Festifal 26062018 [2018, Jem Finer, 22:01]
Live recording by Wijnand Bredewold during the festival. The Holland Festival for international performing arts took place from June 7 to July 1, 2018 in Amsterdam. Longplayer was located in the tower of the historic Lloyd Hotel 7 days a week during the festival. Visitors could climb the tower individually to listen to Jem Finer’s composition while enjoying a 360-degree view of the city.
Longplayer is a musical composition that lasts a thousand years. It started playing at midnight on December 31, 1999 and will continue to play without repeating until the last moment of 2999, at which point it will complete its cycle and start over. Conceived and composed by Jem Finer, it was originally commissioned by Artangel and is now in the care of the Longplayer Trust. More information on Longplayer and how to support the work.

It takes a few second to start playing:

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Radio Station WWVH Station ID & Broadcast Sample (1980s) 2359 UTC 5 min excerpt [2018, Myke Dodge Weiskopf, 5:00]
Recording used for the project Sonic Heartbeat. (transmission art)
Sonic Heartbeat is a project about objects built by people, viewed from an artificial acoustic approach. Objects built by people can make noise or produce noise caused by interaction with physical or human factors such as wind, water, fire, movement, electricity, radio waves or for example traffic.
From an artificial point of view you could say that they live, that they make a sound and have a “heart”. “Sonic Heartbeat” is a approach are used and mixed through video and sound recordings (soundscapes). The sound was sometimes recorded with the aid of a acoustic microphone or with the aid of a contact microphone. With a contact microphone, mechanical movements (vibrations) are converted into sound.
The sound you hear is not the normal sound that you hear when you are near it, but the sound from within, the Heart of the object! I also used self- recorded sounds that come from radio communication, satellites or from space (radio astronomy), occasionally I used internet resources. more info

Misty morning [2018, Magnus Bergsson 29:05 -> excerpt 4:00]
The recording was recorded at Skóey island in Hornarfjörður fjord under a powerline “Byggðalína”. It is a 132kV powerline which connects all the regional and local electrical grids together and stabilizes the whole electrical grid in Iceland. more info

Disintegration (Alva Noto Remodel) [2017, Ryuichi Sakamoto, 5:26]

Terschelling Oerol 2016 Live recording [2016, Helen Ottaway – Lachrymae, 2:47]
Recording by Wijnand Bredewold made during the Terschelling Oerol festival in 2016. more info

Uchoob [2016, user18081971 [Aphex Twin], 0:08] more info
Red Calx [2016, user18081971 [Aphex Twin], 2:50] more info

Pasvikdalen [2014, Jana Winderen, 37:58, -> excerpt 12:45]]
Pasvikdalen (2014) was commissioned by Dark Ecology/Sonic Acts/Hilde Methi, performed at the Muziekgebouw, Sonic Acts Festival, Amsterdam and at Kurant, Tromsø (for the Dark Ecology and Arctic Encounter Forum), at NIBIO Svanhovd and at SALT, Oslo. more info

Self synthesizing electromagnetic waves [2014, Wijnand Bredewold, 3:07]
Experimental audio made with Nord Modular software patch.

Under the Dream [2012, Ronald van der Meijs, 22:08]
Under the Dream is made in 2012 as an art video score in collaboration with Dorothee Meddens (video artist) it consists out of field recording samples, synth sound designes and composed in a live setting and after edited in Logic Pro. This video / sound installation was exhibited in 2012 Gallery Chrämerhuus, Kulturnacht, Wuhrplatz Langental, Zwitserland and in Noordwijk Netherlands in an abandoned swimingpool.

DIY opto electronics schmitt triggers oscillators LDR 750W strobe light [2011, Medial ages, 3:26, excerpt]
more info

The Noisiest Guys On The Planet [2010, Jana Winderen, 19:01]
The sounds of the Nordic shrimps going about their business has a similar cozy feeling to listening to rain on a window or a crackling fire. The sounds of the motors from near and distant boats are like soft ambient synth pads. The whole experience makes for a wonderful headphone space for me to live in.

Contact with ISS [2009, Astronaut Sandra Magnus, 1:04]
Astronaut Sandra Magnus on board the ISS had a scheduled contact with Pilton The Bluecoat Primary School in Barnstable, England (callsign G0NPV). Sandra used the callsign OR4ISS. Recorded on February 6th 2009 at 14:55UTC on 145.800 MHz by Nils. more info

Building Breath [2009, Ronald van der Meijs, 10:33]
Building Breath is a audio artwork made in 2009 consisting out of recordings with microphones and piezo’s of regular equipment inside a building such as central heating parts, water pipes, electricity equipment, web routers, computers, kitchen machines etc. The machines which we are surrounded with in buildings. I see it as the intestines of a building. These sounds are al edited by just slowing them down and put in a composition. By slowing them down drastically new sound appear which you will never hear when listening to it on normal speed. This work was exhibited at Kunstencentrum Signe, Heerlen, Netherlands.

Outpost [2007, Peter Veen, 1:36]
Soundscape, made for the art project Outpost. Outpost is a hunting cabin, annexed by the city. Sprayed in urban colours and – tot survive the silence – provided with sampled noises of the metropolis. A hideaway for the citizen who is lost in the country side. Yet, also an opportunity for daring citizins to observe that strange countryside from a safe and protected position.

Antarctic underwater sounds [2007, Henrik Schröder, 1:45]
Antarctic underwater soundscape – Livestream recording from PALAOA more info

Uta1 [2005, C-MU, 3:05]
Beautiful evolving improvisational soundscapes from Japan.

Pluie 2 (for Sylvain Émard Danse) [2004, Tim Hecker, 17:23]
more info

000 [2003, Hens Zimmerman, 15:00]
008 [2003, Hens Zimmerman, 5:18]

Kill Robok [2002, Squarepusher, 3:34]
Conc 2 Symmetriac [2002, Squarepusher, 1:23]

Zeotrope [1999, Boards of Canada, 5:10]

Gaekwad [1999,Autechre, 6:25]

Statue of Liberty [1996, BOC, 1:52]

Luxus 1-3 [1995, Ryoji Ikeda, 16:19]
Zone 3 [1995, Ryoji Ikeda, 3:09]
more info

Fantasie For Horns [1978, Hildegard Westerkamp, 5:30]
Kits Beach Soundwalk [1989, Hildegard Westerkamp, 9:44]

Radio Net {1977, Max Neuhaus, 68:35 -> excerpt 10:00]
Radio Net went further than the idea behind. Here again Neuhaus used only the sound from incoming telephone calls as his material, but controlled it with completely automatic mixing desks. He also activated radio technology, in the form of the national loop used by the American NPR Broadcasting Corporation, to process this material aesthetically. Instead of merely transmitting signals from one station to the next, Neuhaus converted the whole system into a closed loop, so that sounds could circulate throughout it.
It created a sound-transformation ‹box› that was literally fifteen hundred miles wide by three thousand miles long with five ins and five outs emerging in Washington. […] even if you do have a frequency shifter and gain control, each loop was in a sense a living thing, they could get out of hand very quickly. My role was holding the balance of this big five-looped animal with as little movement as possible. All credits:

Audience noise intro tuning [1976, Kraftwerk, 1:51]
The Voice of Energy [1976, Kraftwerk, 4:43]
Kraftwerk Live – 1976-09-11 Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Reprieve [1975, Ann Southam, 6:22, excerpt]
The Reprieve (1975) is a gorgeous, flowing abstraction of Electronic Sound, rife with pinging, ecstatic resonances that remind me of both Douglas Leedy’s automatic-music classic “Entropical Paradise” as well as the tail-end of Warner Jepson’s “Totentanz”. more info

I Am Sitting In A Room [1969, Alvin Lucier, 15:23]
I am sitting in a room is a sound art piece composed in 1969 and one of composer Alvin Lucier’s best known works. The piece features Lucier recording himself narrating a text, and then playing the tape recording back into the room, re-recording it. The new recording is then played back and re-recorded, and this process is repeated. Due to the room’s particular size and geometry, certain frequencies of the recording are emphasized while others are attenuated. Eventually the words become unintelligible, replaced by the characteristic resonant frequencies of the room itself. more info